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Actions & Activities 

Find out how we align with the United Nation's goal of eradicating TB by 2030. 



Survive to Fight Project

In partnership with Stop TB we launched a new project in 2024: Survive to Fight. Through this project  we aim to empower TB-affected communities through Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) to foster a community ownership of TB response leading to policy change and improved healthcare. 

Outreach workers standing in a discussion

Care & Assistance of TB Patients

We provide poverty ration cards for TB patients, refer TB symptomatic members of the community for diagnosis, obtain widow pensions for women living with TB and so much more. 

Educlowns sitting on stairs holding signs

Advocacy & Lobbying

We operate on the conviction that TB is not only a medical condition in this region but a magnet for social discrimination. For that reason, we are committed to fight tooth and nail against stigma and discrimination associated with TB. We do this by holding awareness campaigns, celebrating World TB Day and so much more.

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