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A Letter from our Director

Dear Reader,

Almost ten years ago the Rainbow TB Forum was born from the desire to create sustainable resilient communities where the health and rights of future generations would be at the interests of future generations are central. Since our inception, the Rainbow TB Forum pursued its mission through the development of the community based TB prevention strategies to reduce the plight of vulnerable populations affected directly and indirectly by TB. By promoting inclusion and community networks, by strengthening the position of women and by enabling resilience for the most vulnerable, the Rainbow TB Forum has diversified its response to TB beyond prevention and cure. We believe that by working with vulnerable populations, we can have an impact on the global issues affecting us all. Enabling each of our beneficiaries to secure their future, through realizing their health and fulfilling their potential, contributes to building a better world for future generations. I would like to conclude by expressing my sincere gratitude to our dedicated donors and volunteers. We have come this far because of your continued support and faith in our vision. This year we saw the end of one of our biggest project yet. The CEPT II project was a great success and I look forward to more success in our quest to fight TB, HIV/AIDS and other deadly diseases bedevilling our communities.

Yours faithfully, 

T. Mercy Annapoorani

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