Advocacy & Lobbying

Rainbow TB Forum, in partnership with Blossom Trust and EduClowns, conducts an annual awareness and advocacy event for World TB Day. In line with the theme set by Stop TB and the CDC, the RTBF takes the campaign to the streets of Virudhunagar. On these days, we educate on how to identify symptoms; we signpost to key healthcare services and testing facilities; and we advocate for improved diagnostics, improved visibility and the reduction of stigma. 

The awareness Campaign for World TB Day 2017 included banners displayed in the Virudhunagar Railway Station and flyers handed out by a group of 6 clowns. The fliers and the banners were designed to give key information about TB, which people could easily remember: symptoms of TB, diagnose and treatment, and how the Rainbow TB Forum can help patients cope with TB.

Contact Details

T. Mercy Annapoorani, M.Com., M.A. M.W.S.,


India CCM Alternate Member/Treasurer GCTA

77 Sekkilar Street

Sivagami Puram

Virudhunagar has 626 001

Tamil Nadu 


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