Outcomes of RTBF Actions & Activities

Improved TB knowledge among TB association members and

general population in rural areas.


RTBF Leaders have maintained a close relationship with the

Anganwadi Workers, Village Health Nurse and RNTCP officials.


The association members have been guided to become healthy and happy

both physically and mentally.



Improved wellbeing of family members, freely mingled with TB association


Contact Details

T. Mercy Annapoorani, M.Com., M.A. M.W.S.,


India CCM Alternate Member/Treasurer GCTA

77 Sekkilar Street

Sivagami Puram

Virudhunagar has 626 001

Tamil Nadu 


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The registration number for the Rainbow TB Forum is 42/2012

Pancard - No. AADTR2256E

Bank Account Number – 0924101042455 /Canara bank – VNR

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