Training of RTBF Members

The 11 block level leaders of the Rainbow TB Forum successfully completed a capacity-building training in Virudhunagar & Kanyakumari.

12th July 2017

16 RBTF Block-level Leaders (6 female, 10 male) trained at Dayspring Home in Chitoor.  


Highlight: Strengthening the Rainbow TB Forum

27th July 2017

14 RTBF Block-level Leaders (6 female, 8 male) trained at Dayspring Home in Chitoor.

Highlight: Roles and Responsibilities 

12th August 2017

10 RTBF Block-level Leaders (4 women, 6 men) trained at Dayspring Home in Chitoor.


Highlight: Mr. Rajan ART Counsellor, spoke about HIV/AIDS and TB co-infection

30th August 2017

RTBF Block-level Leaders trained at Dayspring Home in Chitoor.

Highlights: “Rainbow TB forum sustainability". The activity continued after lunch with a thorough focus on Block-Level Leaders and roles and responsibilities. Everybody was divided in 4 groups to choose tasks. All the members wrote down the roles and responsibilities of their leader.


15th and 16th November 2017

Capacity Building and Experience sharing & Review Meeting Report at YMCA Kanyakumari.


Highlight: Rainbow TB Forum 5-year Sustainability Plan. Sixteen block leaders attended: 2 women and 14 men.

Contact Details

T. Mercy Annapoorani, M.Com., M.A. M.W.S.,


India CCM Alternate Member/Treasurer GCTA

77 Sekkilar Street

Sivagami Puram

Virudhunagar has 626 001

Tamil Nadu 


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