Sensitisation of Local Communities, Schools &

Hospital Staff

The training sessions are organised over the year by Blossom Trust, its partner TB Alert and the RTBF Coordinator.

The subjects approached during the sessions are:

- General knowledge about TB
- How TB is spread
- TB phases: intensive and continuation 

- Symptoms
- Cure and treatment

In addition, the Forum identifies philanthropists and sensitises them, encouraging them to provide dhal, milk, eggs and vegetables to TB patients. Similarly, milk vendors were encouraged to provide milk free of cost to patients undergoing treatment. 

Leaders are responsible for identifying the primary healthcare centres and Government hospitals in their block. With the help of RTBF members, they identify TB symptomatic members of the community. They then refer them to the hospital and healthcare centres previously identified. The RTBF members as well as leaders place notices about diagnosing and treating TB in public places, villages offices and municipal offices.

Contact Details

T. Mercy Annapoorani, M.Com., M.A. M.W.S.,


India CCM Alternate Member/Treasurer GCTA

77 Sekkilar Street

Sivagami Puram

Virudhunagar has 626 001

Tamil Nadu 


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The registration number for the Rainbow TB Forum is 42/2012

Pancard - No. AADTR2256E

Bank Account Number – 0924101042455 /Canara bank – VNR

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