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Survive to Fight: Community Action to Eradicate TB

In 2024 we launched our new project in partnership with Stop TB: Survive to Fight. Through this project we are...

1) Strengthening the TB community system through capacity building and community empowerment

2)  Supporting the implementation of community-led monitoring system

3) Mobilizing stakeholders at the community and district levels to advocate for community-centered TB policies and TB control programmes

Why is Survive to Fight so important? 

10 million people

worldwide develop TB every year 

2 million cases

of TB are recorded in India each year

4 million people

 don't receive adequate TB care 

Fighting TB is more than a necessity, it is an emergency. TB is not just a medical issue, it is - more than anything - a social one. Because being infected synonymous with stigmatization and social exclusion, people are afraid to get tested. And when they do, they can’t speak about it with their surrounding community. This has two consequences: infected people continue spreading TB and have a poor treatment compliance, which leads to multi-drug resistant TB. The government has given free access to diagnoses and treatments, but this is not enough. We need to change the mentalities and the social representations to really put an end to this epidemic.

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