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Care & Assistance

The Rainbow TB Forum takes initiative to promote the well-being of patients and families affected by TB. To date, the Forum has facilitated poverty ration cards for TB patients living under the poverty line and has obtained widow pensions for four women living with TB. Moreover, the Forum has provided communities with information on nutrition, training on making low-cost nutritious food at home, as well as training on maintaining kitchen gardens.


In addition, the Forum identifies philanthropists and sensitises them to assist in the provision of dhal, milk, eggs and vegetables to TB patients. Similarly, milk vendors were sensitised to provide milk free of cost to patients undergoing treatment. 



Leaders of the RBTF are responsible for identifying the primary healthcare centres and Government hospitals in their block. With the help of RTBF members, they identify TB symptomatic members of the community. They then refer them to the hospital and healthcare centres identified.The RTBF members, as well as leaders, place notices about diagnosing and treating TB in public places, villages offices and municipal offices.

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