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5 Year Sustainability Plan

  • Identify TB symptomatic members of the community and refer them to the hospital

  • Organize and lead monthly meetings, and ensure that former and new TB patients join the Rainbow TB Forum

  • Rainbow TB Forum Leaders are responsible for identifying the primary healthcare centers and government hospitals in their block and showing them to patients

  • Place notices in public places, villages offices, municipal offices about treating TB and about the Rainbow TB Forum. Also tell friends and family about treatment methods for TB and the Rainbow TB Forum.

  • Leaders will train new Rainbow TB Forum members in leading classes about TB and its treatment

  • Monthly Substitution by Rainbow TB Forum members deposited in the bank account

  • Expand Rainbow TB Forum to the national level, not just Tamil Nadu

  • Ensure that Rainbow TB Forum members are given first preference at government hospitals and health centers. Also, government employees will give first preference to Rainbow TB Forum members.

  • Ensuring that all blocks in Virudhunagar have a Rainbow TB Forum leader working there.

  • Show genuine care and concern for each TB patient

  • Rainbow TB forum leaders give cooperation

  • In the monthly meeting, they will share all details about new TB
    cases, existing TB patients, etc.

  • The government controlled Polio, they need to make the same
    effort in fighting TB with organizations like the Rainbow TB Forum.
    The Rainbow TB Forum can advocate in places like bus stations,
    train stations, colleges, and other highly trafficked areas.

  • Leaders will ensure that TB patients continue to take their
    medication for 6 months through continuing care.

  • The Rainbow TB Forum leaders will encourage TB patients to eat a
    well-balanced diet.

  • In the RNTCP, they give government offers. Rainbow TB Forum
    leaders will help TB patients secure these government offers.

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